Abadi IT Open Source Solutions

About Us

Abadi IT Sdn Bhd is a specialist free and open source software (FOSS) solutions provider, with our niche core competency built up over five years, integrating FOSS operating systems and applications for SMEs.

With a passionate and technically savvy team, Abadi IT is well positioned to offer customers value added services and improve your return on investments (ROI) by complementing your business strategies through the use of FOSS technology by offering a wide range of practical, secure, cost-effective products, services, solutions and consultations.

Our solutions easily integrates into your existing networks, lowers your total cost of ownership and provides greater value-to-cost ratio. Most importantly Abadi IT have a highly skilled workforce who is passionate about FOSS. FOSS has vast untapped potential to grow amongst Malaysia's business community as already evidenced by global developments whereby businesses are fast embracing FOSS for the extra edge in business.

Abadi IT is ready to be your partner and grow with you.

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