Abadi IT Open Source Solutions

Office In A Box

1. Internet Security and Management

1.1 Traffic Control

Business class for data. An overloaded Internet connection is a thing of the past. Make sure your most critical traffic is served properly, regardless of the network load.

1.2 Load Balancing and Availability

Your connection can't fail. If you have more than one Internet connection, ABS can distribute transparently your clients and make sure you are connected, even if one of the connections is down.

1.3 Content Filter

Don't waste time at the office. You can restrict access to certain sites, or allow access only to specific sites. This allows you to restrict inappropriate surfing and enforce your organization's Internet usage policies.

1.4 Firewall

Security starts at the front desk. There are different layers of security, but everything starts with a good firewall. Allowing only the traffic that you need makes a great first sieve against unwanted attackers.

1.5 Virtual Private Networks

Your office everywhere you go. Enjoy the same level of security in your communications wherever you are. You will be in your office network even at home or when traveling. If you have multiple offices around the world, you can also connect them securely, and have only one virtual office.

2. Resource Sharing

2.1 File and Printer Sharing

Sharing is easy. Are you still exchanging files by email? It's a solution, but a shared document repository is more efficient. Share folders easily with Zentyal and use them whether you are Windows, Linux or Mac user.

2.2 Data Backup

Some catastrophes you can prevent. Centralized document storage and sharing is useful, but it also offers a single point of failure. Automatize your data backups so you don't have to worry about failing disks or users deleting a file by mistake.

2. Communication Module

3.1 Email

With your favorite email client. SME server provides an integrated email solution, with antispam and antivirus technologies. The feature supports all the usual standards so you can keep using your favorite email clients.

3.2 Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

Easy collaboration tools. Groupware solution allows to share your calendar, contacts and tasks with the rest of your team. Don't waste time trying to find a phone number, or if the meeting room is available on Friday morning.

3.3 Instant messaging

When email is not enough. Sometimes you just need more fluid conversations. Our SME serve provides instant messaging based on the Jabber/XMPP protocol, so you can use any of the existing clients on any platform, even on cell phones.

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